Domestic and international transport – our Clients

Clients are the most crucial for us. They determine the strength of our company. We work for them. Their satisfaction and sense of security is a matter of great importance to ATD POLAND. Being aware of the fact that we are appreciated for the quality of our work, professionalism and competences, as well as the dependability and reliability of transport services, gives great satisfaction and provides an incentive to enhance our services even further. The group of our Clients mainly includes the food, chemical, construction and pharmaceutical industries. We also provide transport services for companies from other industries. We cooperate with companies that import and export from France. For our Clients, we provide transport services involving the carriage of all kinds of neutral products, as well as goods that require controlled temperature, ensuring the continuity of the cold chain from the place of loading to the place of delivery. The main goods transported for our Clients include:

  • sweets
  • mineral water and drinks
  • sugar
  • building materials
  • packaging
  • medicines
  • paints and water-based adhesives
  • steel and wooden structures
  • industrial tools and manufactured goods

We are open to every Client from every industry. Our operational flexibility of transport ensures that every order from the range of domestic and international transport services offered will be executed. We look forward to working with you! Please, submit your inquiries by contacting the Domestic and International Forwarding Department.